Oui Are Soldes!

Coco Chanel once said, “La mode n’est pas quelque chose qui existe uniquement dans les vêtements. La mode est dans l’air, portée par le vent. On la devine. La mode est dans le ciel, dans la rue.

From now until  20 février, soldes d’hiver 2018 is going on in France and outre-mer. So we thought of giving tips to navigate through the madness when shopping.


Pre-game with yourself: You need liquid courage to rampage through the store just to find your right size. 


Be fit: You are going to need strong arms to carry 4-5 jars of Nutella jars and strong legs when you are being chased by others.



Don’t ask questions: Don’t ask the cashier any questions because even if they know the answer to your question, they will tell you they don’t know.  And never try that customer is always right— you will be disappointed.



Always take cash: The lines for the cash lines are usually shorter.  But it’s France so maybe not necessarily. And make sure you have exact change because the cashier never has it!


Fitting rooms: Good-luck standing in line just to try on your clothes. Know your size and know it well. But if you have all day to stand in line at Galeries Lafayette, then go ahead.



When in doubt don’t buy: It’s insanely difficult to do returns in France. And all sales are usually final during this period.



Stick to your budget: When you see an item that is marked -70%, of course

you would want to buy everything in the store. Just remember there’s… Les soldes d’été 2018.



Go during the last weeks of les soldes: Although some of the styles and sizes may be limited, prices will be slashed even more, so you can shop ’til you drop.


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