Oh Crêpe!

Oui, Oui, c’est la chandeleur! For most in the US and Canada, the furry little rodent aka Monsieur Groundhog has decided there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Well, the way global change is going there’s only one thing that’s for sure… people can be very certain about  enjoying delicious crêpes on this day!


photo via lets lasso the moon

Every year on February 2, France and other French speaking countries observe La Chandeleur, a.k.a. Candlemas, a day solely dedicated to eating crêpes. The Catholic religious holiday is exactly 40 days after Christmas, but it also has origins in an older pre-Christian holiday celebrating the harvest and marking the midway point of winter. This day is usually spent eating and celebrating with family and friends.

As The Local explains, “In Brittany, many still celebrate the superstition of the six-crepe flip. Those lucky enough to successfully turn six crêpes in a row will be married off within the year. Also, young brides who want to remain happily married are advised to throw a crêpe on top of a wardrobe.” ( 100% sure we won’t be doing this)

Making crêpe is quite easy but can be quite time consuming depending on how many you would have to make. You can choose to move to Bretagne and learn how to make savory or sugary crêpes or you can join us from …


 February 2-9, as Oui, Oui, Je Speak Franglais celebrates Crêpe Week to celebrate with recipes and events to enjoy the next 6 weeks of l’hiver.

Check out this recipe via 750 grammes and visit our Facebook and Instagram  throughout the week for recipes you can try out!






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