Oui, Oui, Je Speak Franglais provides language lessons in French and English to individuals who want to gain second language acquisition. I believe that language learning should be hands-on, fun and interactive. Having an affinity for  languages and traveling, shows in the method of teaching. If you need to learn a new language via in group, online, in-person, we can cater to varying learning  styles.    BOOK A LESSON


Do you want to exude confidence when delivering a speech or making a pitch? If your answer is oui, oui– Oui, Oui, Je Speak Franglais has methods for developing English language and interpersonal communication skills for the workplace, doing business and cross-cultural understanding.      BOOK A LESSON


At Oui, Oui, we believe that language and culture are intrinsically intertwined. They go together like baguette + beurre or vin + cheese. You know what we mean! One has to understand the culture and the language in order to foster second language acquisition.  We create unique activities through travel and forward thinking events. Language is much more enticing when paired with cultural immersion.    BOOK YOUR TRIP


Clearly, we eat and breathe branding. For several years, we have understood what it takes to set the bar high and be different from the rest. We can help with your product, service, or company to increase financial value, generate new customers, and build credibility.    LET’S GET BRANDING


🎶 Write! Write! Write!Write! Write 🎶 Have a topic? Let’s write it for you. Content from a marketing perspective helps keep your social media visibility current  and creates vital revenue for your income.  We have  clever and amusing ways of creating content for multiple platforms such as digital, real-time, or print.  We have written for several publications such as NBC, MTV Networks , Danone, etc. Also, if your grammar ain’t isn’t quiet quite right, we provide proofreading and copy editing services.    LET’S START WRITING


If you have a product or service that fits with our brand, we would like to feature you to our 150, 000+readers through our Facebook and Instagram. We can suggest co-marketing posts on Facebook and Intagram takeovers. Over the years, we have worked with brands such as Michel et Augustin, Norwegian Airlines, Whole Foods, La Cure Gourmande, Trader Joe’s, just to name a few. We love collaborating with brands that align with our core vision and mission.  Please contact us for rates.  LET’S GET SOCIAL


Do you want to maintain your company’s image and communicate clear cut messages to your customers? Public relations and event management are languages we seem to speak all the time. We have a vision, we are organized, and planning and execution are always a priority for us.   There’s a French touch to every event we plan and we never cut corners.

So the next time you need a strategic, creative campaign, contact us.